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Studies on Emotional Freedom Techniques ( EFT )

How Do Energy Psycho­logy Moda­li­ties Work?
An Energy-Based Theo­re­tical Perspec­tive
Debra Greene, PhD

How EFT may be utili­zing memory recon­so­li­da­tion mecha­nisms for thera­peutic change in neuro­psych­iatric disor­ders such as PTSD and phobia.

Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Tech­ni­ques) Improves Multiple Physio­lo­gical Markers of Health.

Online Deli­very of Emotional Freedom Tech­ni­ques in the Treat­ment of Food Cravings and Weight Management.

Deli­ne­a­ting the psycho­lo­gical and beha­vioral factors of successful weight loss maintenance. 

Making sense of chronic disease using Emotional Freedom Tech­ni­ques (EFT): An exis­ten­tial view of illness.

Portion perfec­tion and Emotional Freedom Tech­ni­ques to assist bariatric pati­ents post surgery: A rando­mised control trial.