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Beha­vior analysis has been really effec­tive in helping people live a stress-free life. Specific methods and stra­te­gies have been deve­loped throughout the years to help people reduce anxiety and be happier within social contexts.

Some of the methods described in this section have a strong beha­vioral compo­nent and have proved effec­tive. However, they are not purely beha­vior analytic in nature and there­fore, I do not offer these under my or my supervisor’s BACB credentials.


With HEMRY® my clients and I have a trea­sure chest at our hand, contai­ning expe­ri­ences and know­ledge of Holistic Body­work, Emotional Freedom Tech­ni­ques, Matrix Reimprin­ting / Matrix Birth Reimprin­ting, Rational-Emotive Beha­vioral Therapy and Yoga Therapy mixed with Accep­t­ance and Commit­ment Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Trauma Buster Tech­nique, EMDR and Trauma Sensi­tive Education.

I am a certified clinical trauma professional, Certified Telemental Health Provider-Associate (CTMH‑A) and Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider (CMHIMP)

Holistic Bodywork

Holistic Body­work, according to Pascal Beaumart, is fully dedi­cated to all areas that combine mind, body and soul.

Holistic Body­work uses know­ledge from a wide range of thera­peu­tical areas, which are other­wise often consi­dered sepa­rated from each other. Current scien­tific findings from conven­tional medi­cine are combined with ancient healing methods. It’s all about streng­t­he­ning connec­tions. The connec­tion to the self, the connec­tion to the inner child and the connec­tion to others.




(Rela­ti­onship level)


I am a certi­fied Advanced Holistic Body­work practitioner.

NARM (Dr. Lawrence Heller)

When working with deve­lo­p­mental- trau­matic expe­ri­ences, I’ve had posi­tive results with the Neuro­Af­fec­tive Rela­tional Model (NARM™).

NARM puts a strong focus on the five basic biolo­gical human needs:

  1. Contact: We are in contact with our bodies and our feelings and are able to enter into rela­ti­ons­hips with others. We feel like we have a place in this world.
  2. Needs: We know our needs and we are able to reach out to others and accept their care. We enjoy what life has to offer.
  3. Confi­dence: We have an entren­ched confi­dence and can engage with others. We are conso­li­dated enough to be able to enter into inter­de­pen­dence rela­ti­ons­hips with others.
  4. Auto­nomy: We can set clear bounda­ries, towards others, say no and have no guilt in consci­ence or guilt in the process. We are free to express our thoughts.
  5. Love/Sexuality: We have an open heart giving us a balanced nervous system and allowing loving rela­ti­ons­hips, which makes a healthy sexua­lity possible.

If these basic needs have not been adequa­tely met in early child­hood deve­lo­p­ment, they can have an impact into adult­hood. It can cause self-regu­la­tion, self-worth and iden­tity to suffer so much that the ability to meet one’s basic needs on its own is not suffi­ci­ently trained. Instead of crea­ting a fulfil­ling life, survival stra­te­gies are being deve­loped. One does not feel one with himself and the world.

With the help of NARM, the five basic needs can mature. And the feeling of being a victim of one’s past can be lifted as a result. My clients gain the ability to connect with them­selves and others and expe­ri­ence a whole new level of life­li­ness. They find their own own center/balance again.

The trauma-sensi­tive work begins directly with the regu­la­tion of the nervous system. Expe­ri­enced traumas prevent us from being in real contact with ourselves and with others. This severely restricts our life energy and many psycho­lo­gical and physical problems can be attri­buted to them.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

In 2014 I became aware of EFT. Since then I have attended several work­shops. I completed the appren­ti­ce­ship of the EFT Inter­na­tional Master Trai­ning under the mentor­ship of EFTI certi­fied MTOT Dr. Reto Wyss. Since July, 2019, I am an EFTi accredited EFT Master Trainer and offer EFTi accredited work­shops in German.

I also use my know­ledge from this method with fami­lies with autism to support them in redu­cing the stress of ever­yday life. I’m thrilled every time how quickly EFT provides stress relief when dealing with over­whel­ming emotions.

It is my vision that every child, parent, care­giver, educator, thera­pist (and every single person on this planet) has EFT in their toolbox and is using it.’

EFT stands for “Emotional Freedom Tech­ni­ques.” EFT is a concept in the field of energy psycho­logy. The meri­dian knocking tech­ni­ques and tapping tech­ni­ques have their roots in tradi­tional Chinese medi­cine. The meri­dians are connected to the organs and through them flows the life energy “Qi.” Tapping the main acupres­sure points harmo­nize the meri­dian system.

I help indi­vi­duals to help them­selves. By using these tapping tech­ni­ques, my clients learn to effec­tively reduce emotional stress in a crisis situa­tion, and to dissolve the emotional, somatic and mental impact of trau­matic and stressful expe­ri­ences of their lifes.

Nume­rous scien­tific rese­arch shows that EFT can provide effec­tive support in dealing with phobias, anxiety, depres­sion, post-trau­matic disor­ders, pain and many other problems. Any reso­lu­tion of a psycho­lo­gical, emotional, or physical conflict causes stress to be reduced and as a result more energy is avail­able again.

The sooner we discard ever­ything that scares, inhi­bits or blocks us, the freer and easier we move in our lifes. EFT (Emotional Freedom Tech­ni­ques) / EFT tapping is a method that is easy to handle. It can be used success­fully even by small children. EFT helps children and adults to become aware of their emotions while reli­e­ving stress.

Through EFT children and adults gain self- confi­dence, self- esteem, and self- responsibility.

What is EFT? 

EFT belongs to a group of treat­ment methods that release the body’s self- healing powers in order to dissolve emotional blockages and their limi­ting effects on body, soul and spirit.

EFT are emotion-regu­la­ting tech­ni­ques that can drama­ti­cally relieve physical and mental symptoms. EFT is based on the revo­lu­tio­nary new discovery:

The cause of all nega­tive emotions, mental and physical problems is a blocking distur­bance in the body’s own energy system” .

EFT works by tapping your fingers on specific parts on the body. This tapping serves to balance the energy paths. These get out of balance when we think of or are in an emotio­nally distur­bing circumstance.

The basis of EFT is, among other things, that stressful, past expe­ri­ences and emotions as well as stressful situa­tions in the near future are gently dosed asso­ciated with plea­sant, sensory stimu­la­tion (stimulus-stimulus-pairing). In addi­tion, the promo­tion of self-accep­t­ance as well as the deve­lo­p­ment and ancho­ring of accep­table insights contri­bute to the overall effect.

What is EFT ?

The ques­tion of “What is EFT Tapping?” is a common ques­tion that can elicit a brief or lengthy response. I will do my best to provide the essen­tial infor­ma­tion in response to this query.

EFT stands for the Emotional Freedom Tech­ni­ques. It has also come to be commonly referred to as “tapping” as the tech­ni­ques involve a gentle tapping or percus­sion of the finger­tips on the skin. EFT is a form of psycho­lo­gical acupres­sure, based on the same energy meri­dians used in tradi­tional acup­unc­ture to treat physical and emotional ailm­ents for over 5,000 years, but without the inva­si­ve­ness of needles.

You can find all infor­ma­tion about “What is EFT?” here

In spring of 2012 the “evidence- based metho­do­logy” EFT was reco­gnized by the American Psycho­lo­gical Asso­cia­tion (APA) as a scien­ti­fi­cally sound thera­peutic method.

I offer EFTI (based on the guide­lines of EFTI) accredited courses with EFT.

EFT for overwhelm


EFT® is a regis­tered word mark of Gary Craig, the founder of EFT. My EFT courses offers and its contents do not reflect the version of Gary Craig’s “Offi­cial EFT” but my personal under­stan­ding, atti­tude and way of working in the successful appli­ca­tion of the EFT tapping method based on the guide­lines of EFTI.

Matrix Reimprinting

Buil­ding on the basic princi­ples of EFT, I have become aware of another approach: The Matrix Reimprinting.

With the help of Matrix Reimprin­ting, stressful expe­ri­ences, depres­sion, phobias, anxiety disor­ders, asthma, addic­tion, obediences and many other mental and physical dise­ases can be relieved.

To painful memo­ries from the past and deep-seated trau­matic expe­ri­ences, Matrix Reimprin­ting offers a gentle approach. And it makes it possible to trans­form our nega­tive expe­ri­ences from the past into posi­tive things, which has a posi­tive effect on our entire being. It is asto­nis­hing what changes can be affec­tuated with this method.

Karl Dawson, founder of the Matrix Reimprin­ting, refers to this approach that we are all made up of energy and are connected in a united energy field. He suggests that unre­solved conflicts and nega­tive beliefs are beco­ming entren­ched in our energy field as segre­gated parts of our selves. He speaks of so-called ECHOs (“Ener­getic Concious­ness Holo­gram”). And these ECHOs influ­ence our thoughts, our beha­vior our being.

Cell Biolo­gist Bruce Lipton also supports this approach. He suggests that memo­ries and infor­ma­tion about a past trauma are stored not in the body’s cells but outside the body – in one’s energy field.

We are usually no longer aware of this infor­ma­tion stored as ECHOs, but it affects our lifes in the present. They affect our beha­vior and can be the cause of the deve­lo­p­ment of beha­vioral disor­ders and also dise­ases. With Matrix-Reimprin­ting it is possible to reinte­grate these ECHOs into the system.

Here, the added value of Matrix Reimprin­ting comes into play: With this method nega­tive emotions of trau­matic expe­ri­ences can be resolved and replaced with a new, more posi­tive infor­ma­tion (“reimprint”).

A new image is created for the exis­ting ECHO. The past cannot be changed, but the perspec­tive on what is expe­ri­enced can be shifted. The percep­tion of the event is a more posi­tive one after Matrix Reimprin­ting. This leads to a change in self-percep­tion, which is anchored in the body, and has a posi­tive effect on the present and on the future.

I am a Matrix Birth Reimprin­ting Prac­ti­tioner (Sharon King) and a Matrix Reimprin­ting Prac­ti­tioner (Eva Gerigk and Karl Dawson).


Rational Emotive Beha­vior Therapy (REVT) is a holistic, action-oriented psycho­the­rapy approach with the aim of emotional growth. With REVT, we are encou­raged to consciously expe­ri­ence and express our feelings, empha­si­zing the connec­tion between thin­king, feeling and acting.

We humans tend to put undue psycho­lo­gical strain on ourselves when

  • Some­thing goes wrong or we are rejected by a person that is important to us,
  • Other people treat us (inten­tio­nally or unin­ten­tio­nally) unfairly,
  • We are confronted with things that are unplea­sant or painful.

REVT helps

  • Over­co­ming emotional stress and inter­per­sonal problems,
  • Use the exis­ting personal energy creatively,
  • To shape our lifes in their daily work and in the personal sphere with more satis­fac­tion, success and fulfillment.

Yoga Therapy

Dise­ases are unders­tood in yoga therapy as a physical expres­sion for a mental event. It there­fore seems important that people with dise­ases expe­ri­ence a self-know­ledge and awareness of their own living situa­tion. With yoga therapy, I support you in doing some­thing yourself to help get back to health through self-active, inner-emotional work. With various exer­cises, medi­ta­tions, reflec­tions and biogra­phical work, I support you in chan­ging your current life­style in order to stimu­late your self-healing powers.

In 2016 I success­fully completed my yoga teacher and yoga therapy trai­ning (700 hours).

Trauma-Sensitive Education

Espe­cially for profes­sio­nals who work with children, I offer courses in trauma-sensi­tive education.

This course focuses on reco­gni­zing the signs of trauma and its conse­quences and on buil­ding and streng­t­he­ning the rela­ti­onship skills of children.

Toge­ther we explore how we can support the nervous system to regu­late and thus provide a safe space by (re)building up core resources and redu­cing or preven­ting the long-term conse­quences of severe stressful expe­ri­ences — in a playful and simple way smile.

I am happy to come to In-House-Days in insti­tu­tions, nursery school, day care centre and school.

Please note: although HEMRY (Holistic Body­work, EFT, Matrix Reimprin­ting, REVT and Yoga Therapy) are very effec­tive coaching and self-help methods, they cannot replace necessary specialist/psychotherapeutic treat­ment. I am not in favor of discon­ti­nuing prescrip­tion drugs, medical or psycho­lo­gical care. HEMRY are not used to diagnose or treat physical or mental illnesses. If you need such an exami­na­tion or treat­ment, please contact your GP or the rele­vant specia­list in your trust! „These inter­ven­tions are not beha­vior-analytic in nature and are not covered by my or my supervisor’s BACB creden­tial.” (BACB Profes­sional and Ethical Compli­ance Code for Beha­vior Analysts, March 2019)